The Ultimate Guide To Ketogenic Vegetables

Are you confused about keto friendly vegetables?

When I first started with a ketogenic diet, I didn’t know squat about ketogenic vegetables. There are a lot of resources about this topic, but none of them provided practical knowledge I needed.

Don’t you worry, I combined all the best resources into a comprehensive and simple guide. You won’t have any doubts, what vegetables to put on your shopping list.

Vegetables are the holy grail of healthy eating, according to most weight loss blogs. It is something that most people agree on.

BUT… Are all vegetables good for you?

I am here to walk you through the best and the worst ketogenic vegetables.

Did you know that you can eat vegetables on a keto diet? A lot of vegetables! The ketogenic food list is not a low-vegetable, meat and cheese kind of list. It is filled with a great variety of vegetables.

Unfortunately, not all veggies are created equal!

ketogenic vegetables

This is a sad carrot, and it is sad because it is not ketogenic enough. Let me explain why.

The NET carbs for a large carrot are 6.9g (total carbs) – 2g (fiber) = 4.9g. It is a lot for just one carrot! 3.4g of total carbs come from sugar, which will definitely spike up your insulin levels.

What about the rest 4.9g – 3.4g = 1.5g of carbs?

The rest is starch, which is an empty carb that we don’t want to eat a lot of. And let me tell you, there are a lot of starchy vegetables that will not fit into your keto macros.

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Low Carb Vegetables Chart (alphabetical)

Here is the first list of ketogenic vegetables you can print out at any point. It is sorted alphabetically.

ketogenic vegetables alphabet

Here is the identical chart per 100g portions: link

I would suggest avoiding vegetables that are above 10 net carbs, especially if you are doing a strict ketogenic diet with under 20 carbs per day. Otherwise, you can eat any vegetables in moderation, just count your daily carbs. I found myfitnesspal to be the best app for easy tracking of ketogenic vegetables and meals.

Low Carb Vegetables Chart (NET carbs)

Here is a list that I sorted by NET carbs.

ketogenic vegetables net carbs

Here is the identical chart per 100g portions: link

The third list, that I compiled, is sorted by sugar levels. Sugar induces insulin spikes, and we want to avoid vegetables that are high in sugar. I usually don’t eat any vegetables that have more than 5 grams of sugar per cup. Again, you can still put chopped onions in your salad now and then, but I noticed, when I eat sugary vegetables, I have cravings later on.

ketogenic vegetables sugar

Here is the identical chart per 100g portions: link

In most blogs, people are very restrictive, when it comes to ketogenic vegetables and foods. From the lists that I provided you, it is safe to eat any vegetables, as long as it fits into your macros.

Finally, I want to share my favorite vegetables that I eat weekly.

WARNING: Some of them might not fit your macros.

  • Broccoli (3.64g NET carbs)
  • Cabbage (2.97g NET carbs)
  • Carrots (8.66g NET carbs)
  • Cauliflower (2.8g NET carbs)
  • Cucumber (3.28g NET carbs)
  • Eggplant (1.87g NET carbs)
  • Green Peppers (4.41g NET carbs)
  • Mushrooms (1.6g NET carbs)
  • Radish (2.04g NET carbs)
  • Spinach (0.39g NET carbs)
  • Tomatoes (4.86g NET carbs)
  • Zucchini (2.75g NET carbs)

Well, what if you like high carb vegetables, like potatoes, corn, or sweet potatoes?

My favorite starchy vegetable is a potato. I was born in Eastern Europe, where the staple meal involves potatoes. I would eat them 3-4 times a week, as a child.

To avoid that starchy madness, I would recommend exploring recipes that can substitute your favorite starchy vegetable with a low carb option.

For example, I found that mashed cauliflower is a great alternative to mashed potatoes. I can still enjoy similar taste and texture in my ketogenic meal plan.


Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what ketogenic vegetables fit your needs. If you are just starting out with keto, then keep it simple, and avoid high carb options. I would recommend starting out with my 7-day ketogenic meal plan. It is simple and very affordable.

What are your favorite ketogenic vegetables? Leave a comment below.

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